Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Gunsko prides itself on operating in an open and honest manner with project stakeholders. By working carefully with our clients to identify all relevant project stakeholders we develop a thorough consultation programme that ensures that everyone can become part of the development process rather than being passive spectators. Our work integrates both statutory and non-statuory consultees, local groups and residents, environmental groups, interested businesses and organisations, project neighbours, councillors, MPs and the local media.

A Gunsko consultation programme seeks to facilitate a constructive dialogue between project stakeholders with the aim of producing a better end-product. With a commitment to working openly and honestly, we work to build relationships with project stakeholders to create high-quality projects that both incorporate their feedback and meet the client’s needs.

Consultation media includes public events and site visits, meetings and presentations, house visits, school visits, newsletters and online consultation.

“We are delighted with the partnership we have developed with Gunsko in our stakeholder consultation work. They have assisted us on countless renewable energy projects, leading on stakeholder communications and engagement. Their work with local communities has enabled us to obtain useful local feedback, which has resulted in well-rounded projects. We commend Gunsko for their dedication and hard-work and look forward to working with them on new opportunities.”
David Maguire, Director, BNRG Renewables