Gunsko is able to offer a full communications package that both promotes and protects the interests of the client. We aid businesses in managing and coordinating their internal and external communications articulating and projecting a combination of their visions and values. Our services include project research and risk assessment, communications strategy design and implementation, content and design of printed materials, exhibition materials, info packs and promotional materials. Our communications package can be easily tailored to incorporate any of the other services we offer.

Gunsko also recognises that online communications can be an important component of an effective and inclusive consultation programme. We can help clients incorporate a range of online communications and consultation solutions into their communications toolkit.

“We have worked with Gunsko on a significant number of solar power projects over the past few years and they have consistently delivered excellent communications outcomes. By providing astute guidance and pertinent information they have helped us develop high-quality projects that make our business stand-out in the field.”
David Maguire, Director, BNRG Renewables